Welcome to the new “EarlyRnB” (Early Rhythm & Blues) Website

This website is dedicated to the history of original early Rhythm & Blues (R&B) music emanating from the blues and gospel music traditions from the early 40’s to the early 70’s incorporating its early derivatives Rock and Roll, Soul, Funk, Doo wop, British R&B, New Orleans R&B, Reggae and Ska.

The website is an educational information resource and acts as the custodian of unique and exclusive historical material of the R&B music genre and its derivatives.

The website is an integral part of the ‘Early Music’ group of websites incorporating Earlyblues.com, EarlyBlues.org, EarlyGospel.com and UndergroundRailroad.org.uk – full details on the About page.

This is a new website being built over time so please bear with us as we haven’t yet included all the features or a substantial amount of material. Please re-visit often as we are adding material frequently.

For now start with the About page and enjoy browsing!

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Alan White, Owner and Managing Editor, EarlyRnB.com

– Based in Lancashire, UK, Alan is a music researcher, historian / archivist, and ‘Early Music’ websites publisher.

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KIrk Lang, Editor-in-Chief, EarlyRnB.com

– Based in Connecticut, USA, Kirk is a music researcher, historian, writer who inspired the creation of ‘EarlyRnB.com’.

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