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Here are a selection of vintage R&B magazines.

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Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth

Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth is a British monthly music magazine dealing with all aspects of blues and gospel music. Founded in July 1984 it is – along with its American counterpart Living Blues – considered to be the premier magazine for all aspects of research into blues and rhythm & blues music (pre- and post-war blues, rhythm and blues, doo-wop vocal groups, vintage soul, gospel and the contemporary blues scene).

Blues & Soul

This British magazine was established in October 1967 by its founder John Abbey, a devotee of American R&B music. Published 5 times a year , Blues & Soul Magazine now covers the latest UK and US urban music info, including; News, charts, reviews, event and clubbing info + in-depth interviews with influential artists past and present.


Hot Buttered Soul

Founded by Chris Savory.


R&B Monthly

R and B Monthly was published by Neil Slaven and Mike Vernon from 1964 to 1966.

Rhythm & Blues


Rhythm & Soul USA

British magazine published by Friends of American Rhythm & Blues Society and edited by Dave Grodin. The magazine started in April 1966 and contained features, articles, reviews & comment relating to soul artists.

Tribute to Dave Grodin

Sailor’s Delight

Sailor’s Delight was predominantly a record sales and auction magazine selling 78s, 45s and albums published by Paul ‘Sailor’ Vernon. The magazine included spoof articles and genuine research on blues and r&b. Sailor’s Delight ceased publication after seventeen issues when the first issue of Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth was being planned.


Founded by Tony Cummings and Clive Richardson.

Soul Bag

French magazine published quarterly from 1968 to date by Jacques Perin specialising in soul and blues music.

Soul Music Monthly

Soul Music Monthly was the second name of Soul magazine, a UK fanzine started in 1965, which aimed to cover the whole ‘soul’ scene, from the earliest recorded blues artists to later commercial or pop rhythm and blues.

Yesterday’s Memories

Dedicated to the history of R&B music.

Started in 1975. Back then, a group of record collectors sought to catalog the history of R&B music, connect record collectors to each other, catalog records, and promote that R&B music was still available. There was also a sentiment that rock was taking all the radio time from R&B, and this was an avenue to influence people and stations that R&B was still around.